No Laying Up Podcast with Morgan Hoffmann

Listen to stories from Morgan’s young professional golf career to his inspirational journey to find a cure for muscular dystrophy.

This Podcast interview by NLU takes us on a journey from Morgan Hoffmann’s golf stories with Michael Jordan at the Bear’s Club, to the five year process of being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and beyond.

Click below to listen to the interview on No Laying Up (NLU) episode 197.

No Laying Up is a golf podcast who’s core philosophy is to engage in intelligent, honest, and fun discussion around all things golf. Like lounging around the 19th hole with a group of your golf buddies, No Laying Up is engaging, endless entertainment about current events, your latest round, and the golf world.

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Follow Morgan on Instagram @morganhoffmannpga along with the Morgan Hoffmann Foundation  @morganhoffmannfoundation on Instagram or our Facebook page @MorganHoffmannFoundation.

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