No Layin Podcast with Morgan Hoffmann

The Erik Lang Show interviews Morgan Hoffmann to discuss Muscular Dystrophy, his trip to Nepal, and mission to create a wellness center.

Click below to Listen to Morgan Hoffmann’s unfiltered interview on the ‘Erik Lang Show’. The podcast covers a wide range of interesting topics including; Morgan’s struggles with proper diagnosis, fighting muscular dystrophy, research for a cure, food curing diseases, his spiritual journey, his trip to Nepal, ayurvedic treatments, being vegan, flying, dogs, and his vision to build a health and wellness center through the Morgan Hoffmann Foundation. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll love the podcast.

Erik Anders Lang is a producer, and host of Adventures In Golf (PGA TOUR / Skratch TV) and most recently the ‘Erik Lang Show’ PODCAST. You can follow Erik on Instagram @erikanderslang  Twitter @erikanderslang and Facebook @erikanderslangofficial.

Follow Morgan on Instagram @morganhoffmannpga along with the Morgan Hoffmann Foundation  @morganhoffmannfoundation on Instagram or our Facebook page @MorganHoffmannFoundation.

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